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 Investments Advantages

  • Agility: We understand the importance of expediency in distressed transactions and upon receipt of due diligence information can provide a quick turnaround of indicative pricing. Can close within 5 to 10 business days of final agreed bid.

  • Transparency: We believe in standing behind our word and will not re-trade on agreed upon pricing unless material changes are discovered and we will share those issues with our partners.

  • Sponsorship: We have adequate capital resources and sponsorship to conduct in these transactions and stand behind our deals.

  • Expertise: We understand the challenges in working with distressed borrowers and the reputational risks that are inherit in servicing these transactions. We endeavor to assist our financial institution partners with understanding the issues and helping them find appropriate solutions in resolving these high touch and high cost assets.

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  • Loan Amount: $500k - $5M

  • LTV / LTC: N/A

  • Asset Type: Core CRE and C&I collateral

  • Recourse: Personal Guarantees strongly preferred

  • Loan Types: Term, Revolving Lines of Credit, and A/B Note Restructures

  • Covenants: Financial reporting and performance covenants preferred

  • Geography: Southeastern United States preferred

  • Timing: Expedited Closings


We work with our bank partners in a consultative and transparent approach to help them resolve their distressed assets for the best result for their shareholders.

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